Prayer and Share Group

On the fourth Thursday of the month, at 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm, a group of eight to twelve people meet informally in the Youth Lounge located in the Fellowship Hall at the church and are offered a mug of tea.

The purpose of this group is primarily spiritual growth, through sharing of faith experiences, study and prayer.  The highlight of the afternoon is the closing circle, in which participants, through spontaneous or intentional conversation, or silent prayer, may express their gratitude, concerns and requests to God.

Sometimes scripture is studied, or perhaps there is a devotional writing.  Often an inspirational video is viewed and discussed. Sometimes there is no agenda, but always a subject arises appropriate for pondering.

We always welcome new participants.  Prayer and Share is pleasingly informal; no minutes or reports.  All sharing is done in confidence and a special bond exists among participants.