Rev Dr. Richard Chung

Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Fall Worship Series:  “5 Characters We Meet in Heaven”

October 27, November 3, 10, 17, 24 

Series Synopsis: What kind of people do we likely meet in heaven? We will likely meet the men and women of great faith, like Abraham and Sarah, Mary and Joseph among many. And, yes, we will likely meet the men and women of ordinary faith, like our uncles and aunts, our friends and neighbours. And yes, we will also likely meet the men and women of Christian faith, other faith, no faith, and even the outcasts and misfits of our society. How is this possible? Because, God’s grace and mercy in Jesus Christ is deeper and wider than we can ever imagine and tougher than we can ever tolerate. Jesus came to earth to welcome us all into God’s Brand-New-World (Jesus called it, the Kingdom of God/Heaven). In the Gospel of Luke (chapters 18 to 23), we meet certain outcasts and misfits of society whose world go through a radical change with the coming of heavenly kingdom: the Gritty Widow who got her justice; the Corrupt Tax Collector who became generous; the Seven-Time Unlucky Widow who would receive her freedom; the Wolf and the Lamb who would become playmates; and the Two Thieves who received two different fates. Yes, their story is our story. Their redemption is our hope. Yes, we meet each one of these characters in heaven, now and later.  

October 27: Luke 18:1-8 “the Gritty Widow”             

November 3: Luke 19:1-10 “the Little Zach(All Saints’ Sunday) 

November 10: Luke 20:27-38 “the Seven-Time Unlucky Widow(Remembrance Sunday) 

November 17: Isaiah 65:17-25 “the Wolf and the Lamb”  

November 24: Luke 23:33-43 “the Two Thieves(Reign of Christ, Stewardship Sunday) 

Sunday, November 24th, we will be celebrating Reign of Christ Sunday.  Knox is delighted to welcome back the well-known trumpeter, Derry Byrne.  Join us for favourite hymns with trumpet accompaniment as well as other joyous trumpet music.

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