Instrumental Measures

A Music Highlight Series

Instrumental Measures is a virtual series based on furthering our taste, knowledge, and passion for music. We are working with professional musicians to curate video performances, written essays, opinion pieces, audio clips and other formats to bring you a variety of curated music, expertise and performance delivered to your device.

In light of recent events with COVID-19 we are excited to pair these excellent performer highlights with community partners. We are reaching out into our local neighbourhood to elevate our hard-working businesses and thank them for the work they have been doing by providing essential service and spreading joy. You will find a community partner at the bottom of each posting for Instrumental Measures

Let us know of neighbourhood businesses that you would like to see elevated through this series by suggesting them through the MESSAGE US button at the top of the web page.

At Knox, our vision is Engaging Neighbours Through The Arts. We are very excited to use this VIRTUAL VENUE to widen our scope of music as a community and support our neighbourhood while learning from those who are the masters of their Instrumental Measures.