“Cracking the Code”

7 Parts Sermon Series on the Book of Revelation of John

“Cracking the Code”

7 Parts Sermon Series on the Book of Revelation of John

Rev Dr Richard Chung

Outline (Chapters 1 to 13 only)


1.      April 28: Rev. 1:1-20   “Apocalypse Now”

2.      May 5:    Rev. 3:14-22 “Lukewarm Church”

3.      May 12:  Rev. 5:1-14   “Worthy is the Lamb of God”

4.      May 19:  Rev. 7:9-17   “The Lamb will Lead Us”

         May 26 & June 2 – Guest Speakers

5.      June 9:   Rev. 10:1-11  “Take It and Eat It”

6.      June 16: Rev. 12 (John 13:1-18) “Wash One Another’s Feet”

7.      June 23: Rev. 13:1-18  “666: Counterfeit God”


So, are you having a hard time appreciating the truth in the Book of Revelation of John because of the strange and scary images and the events described in the book? And that it reads more like an end-time science fiction than a scripture? Well, you are not alone. The Book has baffled and confused many people throughout the history of church since the beginning – a challenging, controversial and often misunderstood and mysterious book of the entire Bible.

Our purpose for the sermon series, Cracking the Code, in the next 7 sessions, is to simply to get familiar with the book, to embrace the main message of the book, “hope”, and how God would ultimately restore God’s Kingdom through the Son, Jesus Christ at the end. The message is relevant to us now, as it was in the past and in the future, and that we are to be faithful here and now in joining Jesus in making everything new and great in God, as we await the final coming of the Risen Christ.

And along the way, we will also try to clear away any misconceived end time seers, soothsayers, and the fear mongering messages that we so often hear from the popular culture and churches.


Questions for personal study/reflection and group discussions:

  • Do you think the book of Revelation refers mainly to events in the first century, events in our day, or events in the distant future?
  • Are you more intimidated or more intrigued by the colourful and often bizarre images throughout Revelations? Are there areas of confusion you hope will be cleared up through this sermon series of Revelation?
  • Look up the dictionary (or Wikipedia) to find the meaning of the term, “Apocalypse.”
  •  To get familiar with the Book of Revelation, please listen to several audio Bible versions in the internet. (Go to www.youtube.com and then type “the book of revelation audio bible” and pick a few versions to listen to  for comparison).