Community Lunch

Once a month, from September through June, we welcome all people to join us for a hot lunch on the second Wednesday of the month.  The meal is served at noon, but many guests arrive earlier to enjoy a hot drink and chat with friends, new and old.  This is a time to share stories, or simply to relax in a safe and friendly place.  Music and singing happen often.

Our experienced Healing Touch team is on hand, following the lunch, for any who wish to take part in this calming and beneficial therapy.

All are welcome to join us for lunch on the second Wednesday of each month.  Please come!

When did Community Lunch start?

The Community Lunch has happened on the second Wednesday of every month (September through June) for nine years!

 How many people are served?

We serve as many as seventy guests, and that includes several Knox hosts who sit down to share the meal and conversation with our friends

Who comes?

Guests come from all walks of life...the hungry, the lonely, the street folk, the fragile... and bring with them stories that need sharing, in a safe and welcoming place.

Who helps?

When the lunches started we employed the services of Aunt Leah’s catering, but when they could no longer continue, an amazing group of Knox volunteer chefs and servers emerged to fill the gap. Mary E. and Mary B., with their enthusiastic team, prepare and serve the delicious and nutritious meals, that have become famous among our guests.

Who cleans up?

Early in the life of our community lunch, we were fortunate to great workers from First United Church who appreciate the work and bring cheerful and willing hands to assist with the serving and to complete the clean up after the lunch.

 What else is offered?

Our Healing Touch group is on hand for any of guests who wish to participate in this wonderful therapy.