Building Project Update


 In 2013 we signed an agreement with a developer to sell a part of our Knox property. 

The agreement calls for the demolition of our current Fellowship Hall complex and the subsequent construction of a comparable facility on our existing parking area.

The new building will complement our church structure, and will allow Knox to offer continuing use of its space to the community. This will include maintaining a Preschool operation that meets City requirements.    The development will provide a landscaped central courtyard which will add a friendly park-like area for all to enjoy.   

As part of the permitting process at City Hall we have agreed to have our sanctuary building designated as a full heritage structure from an external perspective - a salute to our history in times of change.

Knox has plans to become an even greater part of our community life and the new building will be designed to achieve these objectives.     Church buildings can sometimes be intimidating with solid wooden doors that do not provide a welcoming message.  Today’s church, and our understanding of who we are in an incredible universe, are very different from the images of the past.   As we complete our building we will welcome conversation with our neighbours, encouraging and respecting their questions, their curiosity, their beliefs and expressions of alternate values.   

Can a new building achieve all this?   With the people to bring it alive we think so, and we encourage everyone to explore the opportunities with us along the way.

When our building has been completed the developer will construct a condominium complex extending to W. 41st Avenue - new neighbours and new opportunities for a continuing conversation.  

Watch for information on this web site for opportunities, and a welcome to our neighbours, to explore the Knox buildings and discover the community services that already operate on the site, and others which are planned for tomorrow.