And God shall be the stability of our time Isaiah 33:6

Donations Welcome Here

Knox Memorial Fund

"In Memory of" donations are a wonderful way to honour and remember someone who has passed away. Their legacy will live on through all the important work they did.  And a donation  in their memory will help someone who is living.

In Memory of Donations can be made by clicking on the Green ButtonSelect Knox Memorial Fund from the pull down menu. If you would prefer to make your gift by phone, please contact us at 604 261 3747.


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General Givings

Your generous giving is about more than just meeting our budget. It’s about enabling us as a church community to step into the ministry to which God is calling us.

We depend on people giving regularly to enable us to do all that we do in

  • Our church: regular & virtual worship, children’s ministry, choir, chapel, Bible study, online ministry.
  • Our neighbourhood: Tea Time Talk for seniors, free monthly Community Lunch, Art drop-in, Rip & Stitch, Thrift Sale, Cubs, Brownies, Alanon, Preschool, Little Kickers, Acting Up!, weddings, memorials, concerts.
  • Our world: We give to local, Canadian and world missions through Special Appeals and the United Church Mission & Service Fund

There are many, many reasons to consider your church giving during this time of crisis:

  • You help generous people sustain the work of Knox and its partners as we strive to make a difference for those in our neighbourhood and church family;
  • You are thankful;
  • God is good;
  • As an antidote to the human urge to be anxious about scarcity and to hoard and hunker down as a result;
  • To ensure the church has the funds to support what we are called to do for our vulnerable neighbours;
  • To provide for reserve funds to cushion the inevitable effects of investment losses upon the budget now and in the future.

After you have clicked on the Green Button below, select General Givings from the pull down menu.

The way that you choose to donate is your personal, spiritual, and financial choice. Thank you for financially supporting Knox United Church and our vision “to engage our neighbours through the arts, building a community without loneliness.” You are making a difference!



Click to Give Online

Or... download the mobile app for your iPhone or Android device.


Knox United Church issues tax receipts for donations of $25 or more that are identified with your name and address.

Thank you for remembering Knox United Vancouver. In God's generous love, we will get through this turbulent and challenging time together.