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March 29th, 2020

Children’s Theme: Finding Hope in Difficult Times



Isolating can be a challenge for children and a hard concept to understand. They become very conscious of the changes to their day to day lives, and of the things they can no longer do. So today, have a conversation about it.

Get a large piece of paper or card and on one side, write the word SAD. Have the children make a list of all the things they are missing or are sad about, such as missing their friends, soccer games, playing in the park etc. They could even draw a picture of someone or something that they miss.

Then on the other side of the paper, write the word HOPE. Have them list all of the things they are hopeful for and are looking forward to doing when things return to normal. Draw a picture of a nice memory or of the way they would like things to be again.

Remind the children that during Lent, Jesus spent time away from his friends (40 days and 40 nights) but that he was never really alone…God was always with him. And God is with us during this time as well. Say a prayer for everyone who is going through hard times and for those who are helping to make things better, such as the doctors and nurses.



Write out the word HOPE. How many different “Hopeful” sayings can you come up with using the 4 letters in this word? For example:







Write cards for people who are alone in their homes to send them a message of hope. Decorate the cards with pictures of flowers, butterflies, rainbows and other images that make you think of hope.



Here is a link to the story of Frederick the Mouse, who helps his fellow mice get through the cold and dark of winter with memories of warmer days and the hope of Spring to come.

Frederick” by Leo Lionni





You Need…

An old egg carton.


Potting soil.

Coffee grounds.


A waterproof plate or tray (to set the egg cups on).



Mix equal parts of coffee grounds with potting soil and set aside. (plain soil will do if you don’t have coffee grounds)

Cut the cups of your egg carton apart. You can also cut it apart after your seeds have sprouted but doing it in the beginning helps to prevent your roots from getting tangled later.

Fill your individual egg cups about half full of the soil/grounds mixture.

Add the seeds. Be sure not to add too many seeds to each egg cup. For larger plants like squash, plant 1 or 2 seeds per cup.

Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil/grounds mixture, place the seed cups in a waterproof container and water.

Place your seed cups in the sun. Different plants have different sunlight requirements-- the seed packets of your plants should give you the particulars. But all plants need sunlight to grow. Be sure that your seed cups are in a place where they can get enough sun.

Water your cups regularly and watch your seeds sprout and grow! When they are big enough, they can be transferred to the garden.



Go for a walk and collect small rocks of various sizes and shapes.

Paint them to look like bugs or other creature that you might find in a Spring Garden.

Make sure you cover them with a clear varnish if they are going to live outside!