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Hello Knox submitted by Kevin Wong

Some of you will know that I volunteer at the Vancouver Aquarium, which (along with Stanley Park, by extension) is a personal safe space for me, not unlike Rev. Chung and his English Bay. So when it was announced on March 13th (and a Friday no less!) that volunteering was being suspended until further notice, naturally I felt a small hit – it meant not being in good company in my personal sanctuary for the next while.

After our last in-church gathering at Knox, I went to eat in an emptier Downtown and witnessed a pitbull adamantly refuse to follow where its owner wanted to go. I went to stroll through the Stanley Park forest leading to the seawall, there were people out and about strolling and cycling as if there was nothing serious going on. It was a surreal feeling, like a nearby war was happening and yet here we were within our safe borders living in peace (though I imagine actual war would create bigger feelings of tension).

Despite the volunteering suspension, I wanted to see how the Aquarium was under such (escalated) circumstances. In short, it was a little busier than a quiet weekday would be– wide, open spaces were not uncommon; it was not as crowded as one would expect on a Sunday.

I then went home, to find Celtic Thunder Ireland airing on PBS – a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.