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Make your very own homemade heart shaped bird feeder to feed the birds this February for Valentine’s Day and National Bird Feeding Month!


All you need to make your own bird feeder is:

  • a piece of toasted bread
  • heart shaped cookie cutter
  • peanut butter
  • bird seed
  • a piece of ribbon or twine


To make the heart shaped bird feeder, you just cut a heart out of the piece of toast using the cookie cutter.

Punch a hole in the corner of the toast and thread a string of twine or ribbon through before it completely dries.

Spread peanut butter over both sides of the toast.

Press the buttered toast into a bowl filled with bird seed.

Press it well. Over and over. Get all the little nooks and crannies of that piece of toast filled with those yummy bird seed for those birds!

Then let the completed bird feeder dry overnight or in a low heat oven.

Hang it up in a place you can watch the birds peck away at it.


Alternatively, you can use half an apple instead of the toast - see photo.