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HelloKnox submitted by Frances Herzer  

At the end of July rescuers worked to save three tangled humpbacks off the coast of BC. Ensnared in old fishing gear as the whales continued to move forward, they started picking up other items along the way and furthering the danger to themselves, each other and other wildlife. You can read more in the article and accompanying videos on the Global News link provided below.

However, it brings up the question of what we can do from our own homes to help? Below are some simple ideas to explore.  

  • Conserve water & avoid pollutants – use less where and when you can and choose products that use non-toxic chemicals and recyclable containers. Dispose of herbicides/pesticides and all cleaning products properly. Be aware of where you runoff wastewater goes and how it needs to be treated.
  • Shop responsibly – choose sustainable seafood and use a reusable shopping bag. Use re-fillable containers wherever possible.
  • Respect habitat – When you are out for your walks and hikes and boat trips, treat the land and water with respect. Follow signs and instructions from the park rangers and pack out everything you pack in.
  • Volunteer – there are many opportunities to volunteer around Vancouver. The aquarium is popular and there are teams that meet regularly to help clean city beaches of trash. If you are capable there are also search and rescue teams that have volunteer opportunities.
  • Check out – they have more ideas, suggestions and information. They also have volunteering oppertunities and sponsor programs.

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