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Hello Knox submitted by Sharon Copeman & Sydney MacKenna   


Hi Friends,  

With Deb’s permission I’m sharing the following connection to a YouTube video of a Big Sing event she participated in a couple of years ago on Canada Day at Pier 21 in Halifax.  I had shared the video of a virtual choir singing Cohen’s Hallelujah, and that reminded her of this.  She’s discovered her ukulele group and a singing option for virtual gatherings during this pandemic which she plans to join.  Very cool!   There were six iconic Canadian Songs with leaders Jack (conductor) and George (guitar) and they recorded Hallelujah. They did a lovely job of editing in clips of the Pier 21 displays and the diversity of people there for Canada Day.   Here's the link.

You will see me briefly at about 1:10 and again at the end when everyone is clapping.  

Love and blessings, Sharon    



My father’s family arrived at Quebec City, not Halifax, but there’s a giant photo of their immigrant group boarding their ship in 1923 in the Pier 21 Museum. My nine-year old father is shown carrying his father’s violin...his responsibility during their trip to Canada. My grandmother was five months pregnant with my Aunt Susanne...who is now 96 and the only one remaining in my dad’s family. My grandfather played a hymn on his violin on the pier upon their arrival in Quebec City...I believe it was “Now thank we all our God.” We’ve all been very thankful ever since!   

In the photo my great-grandfather is circled on the left; my grandparents, my dad and his sister Lydia are on the right.