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Vancouver Courier April 2, 2015

Rev. Sally McShane, community minister at First United Church, holds the wooden cross that will be carried through the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown on Good Friday as part of the church’s annual procession. The event, involving participants from across Vancouver, dates back to 1968. Photo Dan Toulgoet

.........There is a personal, spiritual intent for the participants, McShane says, but there is also an outward message to the communities through which they walk that “God loves you no matter what your circumstances are.”

“It’s a sign of the presence of God seeking to let people know that God loves them this much, even to death on a cross,” she says. “The Christology around it is that Jesus died on the cross and his walk is toward the cross, rather than to run away. The message is: God is love, God is love, God is love … and unconditional love. So the message when we walk with the cross is it’s a sign of that unconditional love, even unto death.”....

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