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On this day of Global Climate Action,

Friday September 27th, 2019,

We pray.

God of all creation

Of water, earth and sky:


We are anxious.

Anxious - not just about small things.

But about the very existence of the planet

Of generations to come

Of the future of your great work of creation.


We are collectively complicit.

Complicit in our addiction

Addiction to stuff.

Addiction to old rocks, liquefied.

To our mobility and 'right' to travel.

To our own pitiable sense of self-importance.


We are longing.

But perhaps even our longing

is not enough

For your Reign to come.

(Perhaps only you can do that?)


Meanwhile -

We live deeper into deep pits

in ever-growing fragments

And polarities.


Great, Holy Spirit

Like a rushing wind.

Stir us to action.

Make us one, as You are one.


Jesus, great Gardener

Plant Your hope in our hearts

To live grace-ably into Your reign.


Loving Parent

Make us children

At rest on our Mamas knee.

Free us from the anxiety that’s all around.


Draw us back to your still waters.


May we drink deep

Of the springs of surrender

And rivers of repentance.


Root us in the soil of your love.


May the hope for the future

Be as vast and clear as the winter prairie sky.


This we pray

O God of groaning creation

of water earth and sky.




-- Written by Pacific Mountain Regional Council Regional Minister Rev. Rob Crosby-Shearer, for United Church people on this day of the first Global Climate Strike.