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              Knox United Church


             October 8, 2017

    Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

                  Ordinary Time



Prelude:       "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"   J.G. Walther

                      "Now Thank We All Our God"   J.C. Oley


Sharing the joys and concerns of our faith community 

♫ÓIntroit: VU521  “Praise to God, Immortal Praise”  (tune VU516)

Invitation to worship

Make a joyful noise, all the earth!  Come to worship God with a song of gratitude and praise.

We come to give thanks for the fruits of the earth and the fruits of the spirit.

 This is a day which God has made.  Let everything that breathes praise God.

We come to celebrate the promises and possibilities of this day, its wholeness and its holiness.  We come to give thanks for gifts beyond telling, gifts discerned and gifts yet to be discovered.


Gathering Prayer:

     Loving God, we gather to thank you for all the wonder we find in your creation, for food and friends to keep us strong, for times when we can share your gifts with others.  We thank you for your presence with us in good times and bad, in seasons of plenty and seasons of want, in moments of clarity and moments of confusion.  As we listen for your word and search for your way, may our words of thanks-giving be transformed into acts of thanks-living which touch this world with your love.  Amen.


♫ÓHymn:  VU518   “As Those of Old Their First-fruits Brought”

(The Christ Candle is lit and bible brought forward)


Lighting the Candle of Global Concerns


Affirming our faith/Celebrating abundant life:


All human beings are one family,

and this world is our home.

We sleep beneath one roof,

the starry sky.

We warm ourselves before one hearth,

the blazing sun.

Upon one soil we stand.

We breathe one air,

and drink one water,

and walk the night

beneath one luminescent moon.

We are the children of one God,

creatures of dust and spirit,

sisters and brothers of one blood,

members in the cosmic family of God.

We are people of pain and fear.

We are people of anger and despair.

We are people of compassion and hope.

We are people of gratitude and grace.

In all of us is a longing

for a life that is still to come,

in a world that is free and just.

In all of us is a dream of hope

for all people.

Our hope is rooted in the Holy One

embodied in the Anointed,

lived in the Spirit.

This is the truth of our lives.

And in all things, we give thanks.


Processional Introduction


♫+ Hymn:  VU291  “All Things Bright and Beautiful”

 (Food and other items are placed on the stairs

as people are comfortable and able)


Time with all ages


Whether you take what is written in the Bible as fact, metaphor, myth, or story—listen to these words for the meaning they hold for you today.


A reading from the prophets:  Exodus 20: 1-17


A reading from the gospels:  Matthew 21: 33-46


For the word of God in scripture,

for the word of God among us,

for the word of God within us:

Thanks be to God!


Anthem: “For the Fruit of All Creation”  Green / Holstein

Reflecting on the readings

Meditative music:  "Old Hundredth"  Georg Merkel




Prayers of Thanksgiving, Concern, and Commitment


The Church's Prayer:

Source of life, author of torah, may your name be held sacred by all creation.  May your reign come, and your holy will be done, here among us, as it is in the great communion of saints.  Provide what we need to sustain us this day.  Forgive our sin and our sins, as we are forgiving the hurts others cause us.  Keep us from trials too great to bear, and strengthen us to resist evil.  For yours is the realm of love, yours the energy of life, and yours the true essence of all that is, now and always.  Amen.


Offering Our Gifts

 ♫ÓOffering Hymn VU541: 

  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow; (Eric Law, Holy Currencies)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,

circling through earth so all may grow,

vanquishing fear so all may give,

widening grace so all may live.


Offering Prayer:

Creator of the universe, source of life and strength, we have offered our prayers and sung our hymns of praise; we have listened for your word in the words of scripture.  Now, in gratitude, we commit our time and our talents, our lives and our money to your work in this world.  May our gifts bear witness to your love, comforting the hurting, challenging the powerful, mending the broken, and  proclaiming good news for all.     Amen.


 ♫ÓHymn:  VU421  “Lead On, O Cloud of Presence” 


Commissioning and benediction


♫ÓSung Benediction:  VU431    “Sing Amen”


Postlude:   "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" - J.G. Walther


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