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Knox United ≈ a Sacred Space

5th Sunday in Easter  May 18, 2014


Eternal God,

Light of the minds that know you,

the joy of the hearts that love you,

and the strength of the wills that serve you:

Grant us so to know you that we may truly love you,

       so to love you that we may fully serve you,

       whom to serve is perfect freedom. Amen.

                   Augustine of Hippo, 5th-century bishop and theologian, adpt. VU 257 



ALL are welcome at Knox.  We are glad you are here.


You are invited to join with others for coffee and conversation in the Fellowship Center following worship.


Financial gifts and offerings may be placed in the offering box or plate

at the entrance to the Sanctuary.  Thank you for your generosity!



*Rise as you are able.                                                  +Remain seated.

+Prelude:  Prayer                                                         W.A. Mozart

+Introit: MV 122 “This Is the Day”

The Christ Candle is lit.

+Call to Worship: 

Christ is risen.  Christ is risen indeed!

In the newness and resurrection of this Easter season, there is hope.

In the freedom and joy of Easter, there is liberation.

In our Easter alleluias and amens, there is grace.

Christ is risen.  Christ is risen indeed!  Alleluia!

+Prayer of the Day


*Hymn:  VU 256 “O God beyond All Praising”

            (The Bible is brought into the sanctuary.)

+Act of Confession:  begin and end by singing VU 400

+Words of Assurance

Time with All Ages

(Children Enter the Sanctuary with the Food Bank Offerings)

VU 167 “Christ Is Risen from the Dead”

       Christ is risen from the dead, glory, hallelujah! Repeat

       Jesus Christ is risen, glory, hallelujah.  Repeat

Time with All Ages (Children depart for their session with Anne.)

VU 167 “Christ Is Risen from the Dead”

       Christ is risen from the dead, glory, hallelujah! Repeat

       Jesus Christ is risen, glory, hallelujah.  Repeat

Listening for God’s Word

A reading from I Peter 2:2-10

Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16   (RefrainMV 32)

A reading from the gospel of John 14:1-14

Response:  Through these words from long ago,

            may we hear God’s living Word.

Anthem: Halle, Halle, Halle                                  arr. Marty Haugen

Reflection on the readings

Meditative music: Ave Verum (Jesu, Word of God Incarnate)

                                                                                       W.A. Mozart

*Our Words of Faith from A Song of Faith:

We sing of God’s good news lived out,

a church with purpose:

       faith nurtured and hearts comforted,

       gifts shared for the good of all,

       resistance to the forces that exploit and marginalize,

       fierce love in the face of violence,


       human dignity defended,

       members of a community held and inspired by God,

       corrected and comforted,

       instrument of the loving Spirit of Christ,

       creation’s mending.

We sing of God’s mission.

We are each given particular gifts of the Spirit.

For the sake of the world,

       God calls all followers of Jesus to Christian ministry…

To embody God’s love in the world,

       the work of the church requires the ministry and discipleship

       of all believers…

In grateful response to God’s abundant love,

       we bear in mind our integral connection

       to the earth and one another;

we participate in God’s work of healing and mending creation.


Hymn: MV 120 vss. 1-3 “My Soul Cries Out”


Prayers of the People and the Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven,

       hallowed be your name.?

Your Kingdom come,  your will be done,  on earth as in heaven.

       Give us today our daily bread.

Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

       Lead us not into temptation,  but deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours

       now and forever.  Amen.



Offering our gifts and the *Offering Response: music VU 541

(Offerings of News & Notes and money are brought forward.)

            “Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

            Circling through earth so all may grow;

            Vanquishing fear so all may give;

            Widening grace so all may live.”  (Eric Law, Holy Currencies)



The Life and Work of the Church

Prayer of Dedication:

God of all peoples and of all places,

       we present these offerings,

that they may be used to extend your liberating reign.

With them, we offer our varied ministries,

       that each of us may be part of your answer

       to the cries of the world.  Amen.


Going Out

Hymn: VU 158 “Christ Is Alive”

Commissioning and Benediction

*Sung Benediction: MV 222 “May the Peace of God Be Your Peace”

Postlude: How Firm a Foundation

Welsh hymn melody, “St. Denio”

Arr. by R.C. Wilson


 Copyright Information: (printed by permission LicenSing 605555)

  • “Christ Is Risen from the Dead” from Voices United.

                        Words: Anonymous        Music: Hasidic Folk Melody