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Building Project Update!

Name the Building / Congreational Meeting

Although there no holes in the ground (yet) for our new facility, work continues in the background to prepare for construction.  One important item the Congregation needs to address soon is signage.  And signage means we need to work together to name our new building.

You may remember that we had discussions about the new building name at last year's Leadership Retreat; but we decided to focus in on the revised vision and mission instead, which were identified as more imperative.

The Board has identified a process for naming our new building, and it looks a bit like this:

  • On May 16, the Board will review the notes from our 2018 Leadership Retreat.  We will discuss the various names which were proposed at the retreat, and how our vision and mission have been unfolding since then.
  •  Following the meeting, some information will be sent to the Congregation for review and discernment.
  •  On June 16, we'll hold a Coffee & Conversation session following worship.  We hope to have some great discussion and brainstorming about the name.
  •  On June 20, The Board will meet again to whittle down to 3 options.
  •  On June 23, there will be an extraordinary Congregational Meeting to vote on a final choice.

Now you may be thinking "June is when everyone starts to travel for the summer ~ it's not a great time for a n important congregational vote."  However, the numbers from 2012 to 2018 show that our numbers don't drop materially in June.  In fact, they went up (very slightly) from June 2017 to June 2018.  It also works well with timelines expected for the permitting stages.

Please mark your calendars and begin thinking about how we might name our new building in a way that honours Knox, our vision and our mission.

- Your Knox Board