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*Knox United ≈ a Sacred Space

     Third after Pentecost

Baptism and Confirmation    

June 5 , 2016

*Please rise as you are able 

+Please remain seated.



Prelude:   “Sonatina from Cantata BWV106”

                         “God's Time is Best”  J.S. Bach


+Introit:  MV115   “Behold, Behold, I Make All Things New”

+Call to Worship and Opening Prayer

*Gathering Hymn: VU409  “Morning Has Broken”

           (The Christ Candle and the Bible are processed in.)

+Prayers for Healing  and Words of Assurance

Learning Time

+Sung Response: MV144   “Like a Healing Stream” verses 1&4

Like a healing stream in a barren desert,

Spirit water bringing life to dusty earth,

God is trickling through our lives as in a dream unfolding,

promising revival and rebirth…like a healing stream.


Like a mighty sea reaching far horizons,

Spirit water with a love both deep and wide,

God is working in our hearts to shape a new tomorrow.

God will always challenge and provide!  Like a mighty sea,

Like a river strong, like a gentle rain, like a healing stream.


Genesis 1: 1-10    “The Waters of Creation”

Meditative Music:    “Here Comes the Sun” by George Harrison

1 Samuel 3: 1-10 “The Call of Samuel”

Response:  Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

                  Thanks be to God!


Statement of Purpose: The sacrament of baptism proclaims and celebrates the grace of God.  By water and the Spirit, we are called, claimed, and commissioned.  We are called God’s own, welcomed as children of God; we are claimed by Christ, united with one another in every time and place; we are commissioned to Christ’s ministry of love, peace, and justice, and strengthened by the Holy Spirit for the work of the church in the world.


Presentation of the Candidate for Baptism and Confirmation

*Baptismal Hymn: VU509    “I, the Lord of Sea and Sky”

                                                             verses 1&2 and refrain


Profession of Faith and Commitments

Faith in the Triune God

Promising to seek justice and resist evil

Promising to follow Jesus

Commitment to the Mission and Ministry of the Church

Promises from family and friends


Congregation Commitment (please stand as able)


Prayer of Thanksgiving and Pouring of Water

God be with you.  And also with you.

Lift up your hearts.  We lift them to God.

Let us give our thanks to God.  

It is good to give God thanks and praise

Liturgy continues


The Sacrament of Baptism and Blessing

Marking with the Sign of the Cross

Candle Lighting and Blessing

Presentation of the Gifts

Confirmation Statement of Faith

Declaration and Congregational Welcome



*VU509    “I, the Lord of Sea and Sky”   verse 3


Anthem:  “Praise His Holy Name” by Keith Hampton

Invitation to the Offering

*VU289   “It Only Takes a Spark”

                              (Offering is brought forward)


Offering Prayer

Prayers of the People and Lord’s Prayer Spoken

                                            (VU p. 910 left side of the page)


*Closing Hymn: VU642  “Be Thou My Vision”

*Commissioning and Benediction


*Benediction Response: MV209  “Go, Make A Diff’rence”

                                                        (refrain, verse 1, refrain)


Refrain:  Go make a diff’rence.  We can make a diff’rence.

   God make a diff’rence in the world.

   Go make a diff’rence.  We can make a diff’rence.

   Go make a diff’rence in the world.


We are the salt of the earth, called to let the people see

the love of God for you and me.

We are the light of the world, not to be hidden but be seen. 

Go make a diff’rence in the world.  R.


 Postlude:  “Prelude and Fugue in B flat Major”  J.S. Bach

Copyright information:  “Like a Healing Stream”, Words and Music:  Bruce Harding, 2003. Words and Music©2003 by Bruce Harding, Evensong Publications, . All Rights Reserved.  Used With Permission. LicenSing #605555


“ Go Make a Difference”, Words and Music Steve Angrisano and Tom Tomaszek, 1997. ©Spirit and Song, 1997.  . All Rights Reserved.  Used With Permission. LicenSing #605555