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KNOX – A Sacred Space

June 26, 2016

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost and Communion


*Rise as you are able.                      

+Remain Seated


Prelude: “Vesper Voluntary No. 3”                                    Edward Elgar


Call to Worship


*Gathering Hymn: VU #582   “There’s A Spirit in the Air”

(The Christ Candle, Bible, and Food Bank offering are brought into the sanctuary)


Prayer of Approach


Learning with All Ages


*Children’s Hymn: VU#579   “The Church Is Wherever God’s People”


Scripture Lesson:

The gospel according to Luke 9: 51-62

   “Foxes have holes, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”


Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the church. 

Thanks be to God!


Conversations about Knox & Summer:          Minister and Webminder


Anthem: “Sun Don’t Set in the Mornin”                    Becki Slagle Mayo


Joys, Concerns, Announcements


Invitation to the Offering


Offering Our Gifts:  MV #42   “Praise God for This Holy Ground”

(Offerings and Communion Elements are brought forward during verses 4 & 5)


Offering Prayer and Prayers of the People



Lord’s Prayer sung: VU #960   “The Lord’s Prayer”


Invitation to Communion and Communion Prayers:

God is with you. And also with you.  Lift up your hearts.  We lift them up to God.  Let us give thanks to God, our God! Thank you, God!

We thank you, God, for all the gifts of life and love and relationships! 

We thank you for making every living thing from the tiniest of your beloved creatures to the majestic enormity of largest galaxies threaded throughout and beyond the cosmos.  We thank you for loving creatures and Creation in ways that we cannot even begin to fathom.  We thank you, God for your abiding and creative energetic presence flowing through the ages marking old and new beginnings and endings that occur over and over and over again. 


+MV #203   “Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctus and Benedictus)”


Prayers of Thanksgiving, Remembrance, and Hope:

We bring our grateful hearts to this table, dear God, as we remember that even when we stumble and fall, when we make mistakes-big or small or medium sized ones in between; when we hurt ourselves and one another, even when we hurt creation and we hurt you, You are steadfast and kind, loving and strong, present with, between, and among us always. Thank you for calling us continually into healing and wholeness and into new life and new beginnings in Christian community.  As we come to this table, we remember, dear God, you sent your Holy Spirit to dwell among us in our friend and brother, Jesus, the Christ.  In Jesus, you taught us what it means to be truly loved, to be welcomed home, whatever the circumstance. Through his birth, his life, his teachings and his actions, his death and his resurrection, you offer us redemptive living.


+MV #204      “Memorial Acclamation”


We remember the night before Jesus was put to death on the cross, he gathered with his friends and family at table.  There, as they celebrated the story of their people, Jesus took the bread, lifted it up and gave thanks for it.  Then, he broke it and gave it to everyone there saying:

“This is my body, given for you.”  Afterwards, he took a cup, filled it with wine, and lifting it up, he also gave thanks to you and said: “This is my promise, spilled out for you in my life’s blood.  Each time you drink from this cup, remember me.”



Prayer over the Gifts


+MV #205   “Great Amen”             Servers come forward to receive gifts


These are the gifts of God, for the people of God!

Hallelujah, amen!

Come, for all things are now ready!


Communion is shared


Organ Music during Communion: “Healer of Our Every Ill”

arr. Keith Kolander


Prayer After Communion


+Closing Hymn: VU #633   “Bless Now, O God, the Journey”


Irish Blessing


+Going Forth: MV #209   “Go, Make a Diff’rence”


Postlude: “Cortege”                                                          Gordon Young





Copyright Information:

Communion Prayers: “Resources for Worship Planners”, Gathering Magazine, Pentecost 1, 2016, Year C, The United Church of Canada, pp 66-67. Adapted from resource by: Richard Bott, St. Andrew’s United Church, Maple Ridge, BC;