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KNOX – A Sacred Space

June 12, 2016

   The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Blessing of the Animals                   

  *Rise as you are able.     +Remain Seated

 Prelude:   “Antiphon”  Marcel Dupré

 Welcome and Introduction

 Call to Worship and Gathering Prayer: In the beginning, God created the sea creatures and the birds that fly above the earth, and every kind of cattle and creepy thing and wild animal of the earth; and he gave us dominion over them.  Let us celebrate that responsibility and our relationship with beloved pets.

 May God be with you! And also with you! 

We thank you, God, for the gift of your creation. We thank you for plants, for water, for soil and seeds, for rocks and air, and for all animals. We thank you for all these gifts and ask you to help us be good and wise caretakers of this beautiful earth.  In Christ’s name,  Amen.

 MV30   “It’s a Song of Praise to the Maker”

Opening Prayer: God, in your love, you created the whole world. 

You created all the fish and the animals and our pets.  Help us to love our pets and to care for them well.  Help us to offer our love and our friendship to all your created beings.  May it be so, amen.

 *Gathering Hymn: VU229   “God of the Sparrow”

 (The Christ Candle and bible are brought into the sanctuary)


 Scripture Links: The animals of God’s creation inhabit the skies, the earth, and the sea.  They share in the fortunes of our existence and are an important part of human life.  In the story of the great flood, the animals were saved from the waters, and afterwards were made a part of the covenant with Noah.  A giant fish saved Jonah; ravens brought bread to Elijah.  Animals were included in the repentance of Nineveh; and animals share in Christ’s redemption of all creation.


Litany of Thanks for Animals in the Life Cycle of Earth:

 God, for animals that eat plants and fertilize the soil, making it richer and more fertile for new growth and new life; for the gift of insects, and especially bees, that pollinate fruit and seed plants for us to eat and flowers that bring joy; we say together:  Thank you, God!


God, we are grateful for animals giving us wool and feathers to keep us warm and for those that nourish our bodies and our souls helping us to grow strong and keep us healthy!  And we say together:

Thank you, God!


Today, dear God, we are especially thank you for the gift of animals in our lives.  For those animals bringing us comfort, delight, and companionship such as dogs and cats, birds and hamsters, guinea pigs and fish, we say together:  Thank you, God!


Meditative Music:  “The Cuckoo”   August Eberhard Müller

Story Sharing about Pets

Anthem:  “You Were in This Place”  Australian Hymn by Robin Mann

Act of Blessing Animals: (as each pet is brought forward, we receive

                                its name and then offer these words together)


Bless, O God, this, our beloved (name of pet) whose presence in our

           lives brings us joy and contentment, amen!


Joys, Concerns, and Announcements from our Faith Community


*Offering Hymn:VU541 “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”

Offering Prayer and Prayers of the People: God, we thank you for the gift of life, for the beauty and wonder of creation, and for own lives, all of which flows out of your loving heart.  We marvel at the diversity and variety of animal species and are especially grateful for those pets who bring faithful companionship, joy to our lives when we are happy, and comfort for the times when we are sad.  We thank you, too, for animals who are our partners in everyday living and working and for all the ways we are called to share in your Holy Name…prayers continue…


Lord’s Prayer Sung (VU960)

*Closing Hymn: VU236   “Now Thank We All Our God”

*Commissioning and Benediction:  May God, who created the animals of this earth, continue to protect and sustain us all, now and forever.  Amen.


*Sung Benediction: MV214   “May God’s Sheltering Wings”

Postlude:  “Canzona”    Andrea Gabrielli