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A New Creed

We believe in God: who has created and is creating.


A walk In God’s World…Insects & Animals

This week let’s explore the creatures who live in the soil, the forests, the fields and the flowers.


Go On A Bug Hunt!

Many of us think of insects as being “Creepy Crawly” things. But just like birds and sea creatures, they are part of God’s world as well. Explore your garden or park this week and see how many different kinds of insects you can find. You might want to bring along a magnifying glass to get a closer look. Can you find:

ANTS - There are big ones & small ones…even ones with wings! See if you can find different ones.

SLUGS- See how slowly they move. Can you track where it came form by following its slimy trail?

WORMS - If you see one on a hot sidewalk, move it to the cool earth so it can help.

LADYBUGS - You might have to look closely to see one on a flower!

BUTTERFLIES - How many different coloured ones can you see?

MOTHS - You might have to look for these at night…they love to hang out by porch lights.

SPIDERS - Look for their webs…they sparkle in the sunlight!

CRICKETS - You might hear them before you see them!

BEES - Don’t get too close to these but watch as they fly from flower to flower, helping things to grow!

DRAGONFLIES - You might see these flying around your garden, trying to catch smaller insects!


Bug Facts

Here is a link to the National Geographic Kids webpage containing interesting facts about insects.


Animals in our Neighbourhood

I’m sure most of us see lots of dogs and cats around our neighbourhoods. But did you know that there are lots of other creatures who live in the ground and the trees arounds us as well? Here are a few to look out for. But always remember…these are wild animals so don’t get close to any of them! Can you think of any others that aren’t on this list?

RACOONS - You might see these in the day time but they prefer coming out at night.

SKUNKS - Keep your distance because they can spray some pretty stinky stuff if they think they’re in danger!

SQUIRRELS - You’ll see these hopping around in the trees as they collect nuts and seeds to get through the winter.

CHIPMUNKS - They are a bit smaller than squirrels but they make a big noise with all their chirping!

BEAVERS - They’re hard to find but you’ll know they’ve been there if you see a tree that’s been chewed!

COYOTES - They may look like dogs but they’re dangerous. So if you see a sign that says they’re around, stay away!

RABBITS - You’ll find lots of these if you go to places like Jericho Beach!

MICE and RATS - There are lots of these little creatures around too… but they tend to come out at night!

SNAKES - Snakes are  not animals…they’re reptiles. But you might see small ones slithering though your garden!


Amazing Animals

The world is full of amazing animals! Here is a link to the National Geographic Kids page containing videos about

animals such as kangaroos, giraffes, monkeys and all sorts of other animals that we don’t find in our backyard!


Animal Helpers

Animals and insects help us in many ways. Here are just a few things that they do. What else can you think of?

- Bees help pollinate our gardens to grow so that we have food to eat. They even make yummy honey!

  • Worms also help in the garden by digging holes, helping the water get to the plants.
  • Sheep give us wool to make cozy sweaters and blankets that keep us warm in the winter.
  • Horses can pull heavy loads. They can also help provide therapy for people who can’t walk by letting them ride instead.
  • Dogs can help people who are unable to see, provide comfort for those who are sick and even help find people who are lost. Here is a short video showing a couple of things that service dogs can do.

Animals take care of us so it’s really important that we take care of them too! If you have a pet, make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them healthy and happy. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can still help. You can plant flowers in your garden for the bees or volunteer at a local Animal shelter. And next time you see critters that makes you want to shiver…remember that God loves them too!


Story Time - GOD & DOG

We read this book a few years ago at Knox in one of our “Blessing of the Animals” services. I hope you enjoy this sung, video version!