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Hello Knox submitted by Anon 

A few years ago I decided that I was going to learn how to crochet. My sister had recently begun to learn how to knit as at that time she was living far up north and was looking for something to do inside on blustery days while living in a tiny town. As I watched her struggle through learning some of the basic stiches I can’t say it inspired me to believe that I would have an easy go of using two needles, and therefore settled on the decision to use one with a hook on the end of it.

Through venues like Youtube, and friends who are avid stitchers (cross stitch, sewers, knitters and crochet -ers) I managed to make a few chunky blankets and scarves for the coming Christmas.  It was lovely to see family members genuinely happy with a custom-created blanket to go with their home décor.

It was also a great challenge for my brain to learn a new skill and fun seeing a project come together in a relatively short period of time from seemingly very little, not to mention having yet another excuse to browse the craft stores for yet another item is always a good thing.

Before long my baskets of yarn grew faster than the list of projects I had in mind and then the season changed and with it my priorities of crafting projects – you see, I’m a very seasonal person and it just didn’t seem right to me to crochet a scarf in the sunny spring and summer. So as this fall creeps back into view and recently having come across my hooks in a cleaning frenzy this weekend I’m thinking about the possibilities of picking up the hobby again.

Here is a wonderful site with project ideas and free patterns as well as video tutorials for your perusal should you want to take a peek – and feel free to share any references or patterns with us!

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