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Hello Knox Submitted by Judy Langdon  

A friend from Brock House and I attended a 440-strong evening with Nobu (conductor) and Daveed (guitarist) at Temple Sholom on Oak @ 57th February 23rd and it was amazing. They are now organizing a virtual version and I wanted to pass along the information.

Information for the latest session "Another sing-along" - Saturday at 3PM EDT. (Noon in Vancouver)  

Song List:  1-The Weight

2-Blowin In The Wind

3-Our House

4-Leaving On A Jet Plane

5-Redemption Song

6-Talkin Bout A Revolution

7-Dust In The Wind

8-Cats In The Cradle

9-Wild World


Download + print the song lyrics here:

Log on to YouTube here:  


I download the songs and print them out, but others read them from other devices.  The songs are a fundraiser for the Cancer Society. Once you tune in you just sing along.  There is a lot of messaging by the fans on the side.  Even if you don't feel like signing and you only heck it out - that would be great!