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We are pleased to report continued progress as we work with, the architects, our consultants and the contractor covering the important details that make up the final nature of the building. Kitchen plans are complete thanks to our excellent team of Knox volunteers working closely with the consultant. Acoustical improvements have been agreed to ensure both privacy and clear sound throughout the building.  Important security plans for both the new building, the surrounding property and of course the underground parking are well in hand.

 The next important activity is a meeting with the interior design consultants to ensure that we have a building that is totally functional, and adequately supported by all the necessary technical components. Selection of flooring, color coordination and lighting will all be considered, as will the appropriate furnishings needed to support current and future events.  Along the way we are getting input from staff and Knox members to ensure that their particular requirements are, where possible, accomplished within the new spaces provided.

All these activities are required to be completed for the final request for a Building Permit from the City.  The request should be submitted by late summer with a target of starting construction in September,  provided City Hall responds favorably to our submission.

Thanks to John Scott and the Building Committee for all their work to date…there is much work still to be done and we appreciate the support of our Knox Family as we proceed.

                                                 Exciting times ahead!!

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