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Initial meetings have been held with our three consultants in the areas of I/T systems, Acoustics and Security.  These were very successful and will provide important plans to share with the architects as we work together to make our new building ready for the future and an effective base for our exciting Vision.

A review meeting was also held with our kitchen consultant and the “Knox Kitchen Planners”. That too will now be sent to the architects for inclusion in final drawings.

A meeting was held with our insurer HUB International to ensure that Knox and Hon Towers have all necessary insurance coverage both now and during the construction process.  HUB will consult with the Hon Towers insurers to make this happen.

Bi-weekly meetings continue with the architects and their consultants.  Knox is represented at these sessions by John Scott our Project Advisor and a member of the Building Committee. Communications all around are excellent.

We will continue to inform you during the summer on our progress and are open to your questions at any time. Please use the MESSAGE US Button on this website to contact us.