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Jeffrey Cohan, Artistic Director for SSEMF wrote to  Knox to say:

Thanks so much for having our concerts at Knox! What a fabulous
audience, John and I were delighted to have the opportunity to perform
there. Yesterday I received word of our review ........ and in a note to me the reviewer Elizabeth Patterson mentioned how much
she enjoyed hearing this music at Knox.

Elizabeth Paterson,, January 31, 2019

"Set side by side, the fluid, vivid music of Handel complementing and
complemented by Bach’s rich, introvert poetry, the sonatas illuminated
the wide emotional range offered by the Baroque period.

"From the beginning, the douce sound of Jeffrey Cohan’s baroque flute
drew listeners in with charm and grace and was beautifully balanced by
Lenti’s clear-flowing guitar playing. Cohan mastery of the flute was
apparent throughout. Technically impressive with long, artfully framed
lines, it is with his subtle variations of gesture, tempo and dynamics
that he unties beauty and expressiveness. In this he is ably abetted by
John Lenti, whether playing gentle guitar or robust theorbo, his
realizations invariably reinforced the flute and adorned the music. It
was an evening elegant, unpretentious and altogether lovely."

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