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Knox has selected consultants to assist us in our final planning stages.  

Consultant input will be required for I/T systems, built in Audio Visual and Security systems, special design needs for the Main Lounge and other areas.   We will also be updating the plans made a year ago for our kitchen to ensure maximum efficiency.

Meanwhile the Contractor, Jakin Industries and the Architects are employing the services of many other consultants to ensure that the entire building is built to the required City codes and meets the agreed specifications included in our original contract.

The Building Committee continues to compile a list of specific operational requirements that will be shared with the architects and included in the final drawings.  Knox “users” have been and will be consulted to ensure that the space available will be as well equipped as possible for efficient operation.

To insure good communication and activity bi-monthly meetings will be ongoing with the Architects, the Contractor, their consultants and Knox Building Committee representatives.    The Knox Building Committee will meet monthly to provide input, take action and meet our commitments within the agreed budget.

 If you have specific questions please contact Alan MacKenna, current Chair of the Building Committee by using the MESSAGE US Button on each page this website or calling the church office 604 261 3747.