Rev Dr Richard Chung
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    Knox – A Sacred Space


April 15, 2018


♫áRise as you are able.  ♫+Please remain seated

Welcome & Announcements

Prelude:  “Morning Has Broken”   Fred Bock

            (Bible & Christ Candle are brought forward and the candle is lit in silence)

Call to Worship:

We lit the Christ candle to remind us that the risen Christ is with us, around us, and in the world to bring peace to the frightened ones and to turn doubt into joy – to touch and make everything new in God.


This is the season of Easter

The celebration of resurrection

The festival of hope

The promise of new beginnings

The dance of faith

The song of joy

The music of gladness

The hymn of love

Let us worship our life-giving God!


♫áGathering Hymn:   VU 412   “This Is the Day”

Time for All Ages

♫áHymn:   MV 12  “Come Touch Our Hearts”

Scripture:  Luke 24:36-48                                       (pew Bible p. 861)

     The risen Jesus invites the disciples to touch his hands and feet.

Response:       Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the church.

                        Thanks be to God

Choir Anthem:  “Put Peace Into Each Other’s Hands”

(Words by Fred Kaan and Arranged by Jane Holstein)

Sermon:  “Touch Me!”


Reflection Music: “He Touched Me”   W. Gaither

Offering Prayer

♫áOffering Response:  VU 581  “When We Are Living”  (verses 1, 3)

Prayers of the People & the Lord’s Prayer

♫áHymn: VU 185    “You Tell Me That the Lord Is Risen”

Commissioning and Benediction

♫áBenediction Response:  MV 136  “When Hands Reach Out and Fingers Trace”  (verse 1 only)

Postlude:  “Victory” - The Strife is O’er    J. Wayne Kerr


Participating in this morning’s service:

Presider:   Rev. Dr. Richard Chung

Reader:     Doug Graham and Colleen Coulter

Soloist:  Sharon Copeman

Children’s Ministry:  Anne MacKenna

Organist:  Madelene Klassen

Choir Director/Pianist:  Colleen Coulter

Ministry of Music:  Knox Choir

Usher:   David Cass 


* Please check out our weekly bulletin -
It is attached as a printable PDF **

A downloadable copy of the order of service is also attached