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The leaves are falling outside, which is one of the year’s way-markers for me (I’m sure it is for you, too).   It’s time for casseroles, cozy sweaters, endless raking, and of course, our annual Stewardship Campaign.

Last year, I spoke in my stewardship letter about becoming laser-focused on the future:  as a congregation, we would work to engage our neighbours through the arts, building a community without loneliness.   So far, the results have been compelling.  Here are just a few:

· We held a loneliness forum last fall, and began to explore how we might partner with Beyond the Conversation

· We gathered for an energetic and fantastic Big Band concert, and we partnered with UBC School of Music and Early Music Vancouver to host not one but two concert series

· Rev. Richard organized a Lenten lecture series based on the topic of loneliness

· We confirmed that Community Lunch is a critical part of Knox’s outreach, and we rejoice as new leaders have taken the reins and joined the CL team of willing volunteers.  More than 60 friends have gathered for lunch in Sept and Oct.

Through all our work, there is something significant emerging: 

We are growing in relevance to our neighbourhood, in a time where communities value church less.

Sometimes it’s hard to see how programs will be funded, advertised, organized and staffed.   Our MPS team (Richard Dunsterville, Margaret Pendray, Consulting Rev. Debra Bowman & myself) have begun a multi-month project to review our Time, Talent, Treasure, and Terrain.  What do we have?  And how can we use what we have in order to better live out God’s vision for Knox?  Before long, MPS will report to the Board and Congregation on how we can become more efficient as an organization.  Perhaps roles that were once performed by volunteers will become paid roles.  Maybe we have spaces that could generate more income.  It’s possible that funds could be redeployed to support new and current programs.  Certainly, our current governance structure could be refined to free up congregants to engage in mission and outreach work -- rather than meetings, meetings, meetings.  

God calls us to love one another and our neighbours, whether we look alike, sound alike, worship alike, or cheer for the Canucks or the Flames.  Your prayers, skills, financial support, willingness to roll up your sleeves for work, and your openness to initiatives and change – all of this will boost our forward momentum. 

Thank you for all the ways you support Knox. 

-       Susan McAlpine, Board Chair


How we give is a personal choice.  There are several ways to give.  Each of us chooses what is right for our household:

•   PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

•   Weekly Offering Envelopes

•   The Donate Button on this Website


PAR: Pre-Authorized Remittance

Many Knox givers appreciate this secure and convenient way to give.  PAR provides the church with a regular cash flow and simple recording and receipting of our gifts.  Enrolling in the United Church of Canada PAR program means your giving to Knox and the Mission & Service Fund is debited directly from your bank account on the 20th of each month.

You decide how much to give, what portion is for Knox and / or the UC Mission & Service Fund, when you want to increase your giving, and if you need to withdraw from the program.

The United Church of Canada does the administration so you do not need to worry about staying on track, helps you follow through with your faith priority and commitment, and ensures a stable cash flow for ministry at Knox.


Weekly Offering Envelopes

Some Knox givers choose to make a weekly offering during worship each Sunday, using church pre-numbered offering envelopes issued by the church.  The envelope numbers help to keep the offering confidential while allowing for posting and issuing of receipts.


The Donate Button on the Knox Website

Online giving tends to smooth out the peaks and valleys that any church experiences during a fiscal year. Simply visit DONATE to Knox to make your donation for regular giving, one time donations, or while you are travelling.