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Hello Knox submitted by Maragaret Pendray  

Kitty O'Meara's poem, only written last month (March 2020) specifically about COVID-19 has already gained notoriety by going viral on the internet by the likes of Deepak Chopra sharing over social media. Sometimes confused with poet Kathleen O’Mara (Snopes Link) the poem clearly and eloquently puts words to feeling about the author’s journey of processing the worsening news of the spread of COVID-19.

'And People Stayed Home'  

And people stayed home

and read books and listened

and rested and exercised

and made art and played

and learned new ways of being

and stopped and listened deeper

someone meditated

someone prayed

someone danced

someone met their shadow

and people began to think differently

and people healed

and in the absence of people who lived in ignorant ways,

dangerous, meaningless and heartless,

even the earth began to heal

and when the danger ended

and people found each other

grieved for the dead people

and they made new choices

and dreamed of new visions

and created new ways of life

and healed the earth completely

just as they were healed themselves.

- Kitty O'Meara