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A New Creed

We believe in God: who has created and is creating.


A walk In God’s World…All Things Bright and Beautiful

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at amazing things in nature…air, water, plants, trees, flowers, sea life, birds, insects and animals. There are so many beautiful things to see so let’s take one more look at them all together in the video below. The song that plays on the video is called All Things Bright & Beautiful. The words are a perfect fit as we explore God’s wonderful creations. The lyrics are printed below in case you want to sing along!




All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small.

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all.


Each little flower that opens,

each little bird that sings,

God made their glowing colours,

God made their tiny wings.



The purple headed mountains,

The river running by,

the sunset and the morning

that brightens up the sky



The cold wind in the winter,

the pleasant summer sun,

the ripe fruits in the garden

God made them every one.



The rocky mountain splendour,

the lone wolf’s haunting call,

the great lakes and the prairies,

the forest in the fall.



God gave us eyes to see them,

and lips that we might tell

how great is God our maker

who has made all things well.



All Things Bright and Beautiful. Words: Cecil Frances Alexander, 1848; Music: 17th century English Melody, adapt and arr. Martin Shaw, 1915. Arr.: Copyright ©1924 (renewed) J. Curwen & Sons Ltd. (London) All rights reserved.  Reprinted/ streamed/ podcast under A-724418



If your family has explored the outdoors this summer, see if you can put together your own collection of nature photos. If you don’t already have photos, grab a camera and see if you can take pictures of:

Air - Blue sky, clouds, a sunrise, a sunset…

Water - The ocean, a river, a pond, the rain…

Trees - With leaves, with needles, with pine cones…

Plants - Plants with fruit and vegetables, a spikey plant, a fuzzy plant…

Flowers - How many different kinds and colours can you find?

Birds - Seagull, pigeon, crow, duck, goose…

Sea life - Shells, star fish, crab, fish…bonus points if you can take a picture of a whale!

Insects - Ladybug, butterfly, spider, worm…keep going!

Animals - Cat, dog, horse, sheep…what else?



This is a bit of a twist on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. The object is to find as many items in nature with the following colours. Make a list as you go and when you get home, draw a picture of everything you found. Make sure you have a big box crayons with lots of colours!

RED, YELLOW, BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, PURPLE, PINK, WHITE, BLACK…And any other colour you can find!



Collect small colourful rocks, seashells and interesting pieces of wood. Decorate them using paint, glitter glue or pressed flowers. Then, using a hot glue gun (make sure a parent does this part!), glue your items to a magnet and then use them to stick family photos of your summer adventures together on your fridge!



You will need CLAY and a very smooth surface to work on. You also need some small flowers or plants, and a rolling pin or water bottle that has smooth sides. Later when the clay is dry you may want to use some craft paint to add the green or flower colour.  Also if you want to turn it into a mobile or wind chimes you might need a chopstick or skewer to poke a hole in it.

- Get some clay from a craft store or dollar store. You can use plain grey clay or coloured clay, whichever you prefer.

- Slice off chunks and make different shapes with it and roll it flat.

- Next place a bit of plant or flower onto the clay and rolled over it gently with a smooth water bottle.

- Carefully pull the plant off the clay and see the impression it left behind.

  • If you want to add a hole for hanging, use a chopstick a nail or a skewer.
  • Allow the clay to dry overnight.
  • Paint with acrylic paints or leave it plain…whichever you like. Just make sure it’s completely dry before you paint!




Collect pine cone and use pieces of felt, pipe cleaners, googley eyes and paint to turn them into a variety of different animals and insects. Use you imagination and make a whole bunch!


Collect a variety of leaves and put them together to create your own bugs! You can cut the leaves into shapes to make the body, head and wings. Use small sticks or pieces of fern for the legs. Then glue everything together onto a piece of cardboard. To make your bug last, cover the whole things with modge podge and let it dry. You can hang a bunch of bugs together to make your own bug mobile!