Thrift Sale and Bazaar 2019

Welcome to the remodeled Thrift Sale for 2019!

Thank you for your patience in waiting for this decision to be made.  As you know, we’ve been discussing the idea of evolving the Thrift Sale into a new program.  There are a few key reasons for this:  less human-power, a refined vision & mission, and a looming construction project.  Thank you to everyone who has called, stopped me to chat, emailed me, and to those who attended the conversation café 2 weeks ago.


NAME:  Thrift Sale & Bazaar

SALE DAY:  Rather than hold the event over 2 days, we will focus on a single day for 5 hours. 

The Thrift Sale & Bazaar will be held only on SATURDAY, APRIL 27. 2019 from 9 am to 2 pm.

PRESCHOOL:  Boutique, as always.

GYM:  We’re going to re-purpose the gym by moving the café, games & puzzles, plants, Rip & Stitch, Bliss Preserves and possibly the books into the gym.   We’re going to add live acoustical music if we can, by inviting people from the community to play. 

LOUNGE, HALL, ROOM 1:  We’re going to use these smaller rooms for the very best thrift (and maybe still keep the books in Room 1).  Single cups, mismatched plates, picture frames, electrical cords, and similar random unsellables will be sent back to the storage bin, and then on to Big Brothers.  Hint hint – please don’t donate them!

DONATIONS:  We’re so grateful for donations, but in this, our last year of thriftiness, we’d like to ask for donors to be VERY discerning in what is sent.  Is it in good shape?  Is the set complete?  We’d love to have it.  But mismatched plates and single wine glasses won’t cut it.  We’d also like to say thank-you-but-no to toys, kitchen plastics, picture frames, electronic items, furniture, items over 40 lbs, and old technology. 

FOOD: Please stand by for announcements as to whether there will be a bake sale table.  We may also look into inviting a food truck or two, rather than firing up the BBQ this year.

SET-UP:  Set up will begin Monday, and set-up in the gym will begin Thursday night, April 25th.

Thank you all for your energy and support for this incredible, challenging, community-making event.  Now - let’s get started!  Please contact Susan M at [email protected] with your questions or to volunteer your time and talent.  And watch this space for news over the coming weeks.