Janice Guthrie
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The “argument from morality” states that since moral normativity exists, God must exist, as God is the best explanation for moral normativity. What are your thoughts on this?  

Atheists would argue against that. Atheists would say that there is a sense of right and wrong, which is basically what we were talking about, even in people who know nothing of God. I don’t know how you decide one way or the other. There are moral people who don’t have anything to do with the church or anything to do with Christianity. To lay any kind of claim that only Christians are moral is ridiculous, because that’s to deny the morality that is found in so many other religious faiths.  

What’s the difference saying, “I believe God exists,” and “I know God exists”?

Belief in modern language usage has to do with some kind of cognitive decision we’ve made, the term knowledge refers more to an area where there is some possibility that something else might be true. I think it’s a semantic difference. In earlier times, the word believe actually apparently comes from German, where it means, “What you give your heart to. In the New Testament there’s only one word for belief and faith. Anytime you read believe in the New Testament, it might easily refer to faith or whatever the action one takes when one believes. A belief isn’t just a concept that floats around. It influences how you act in your life. So, believing in God isn’t just something you say or subscribe to. It influences your life.