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There Be a Dragon

by Janice MacLean | May 2015  The Prayer Bench

I saw a fire hydrant pushed off its base in my walk.
I think a dragon did it.
Dragons don’t like water, right?
It’s an insult to their dragon fire.

I’m looking for dragons, along with others from Stroll for Your Soul.

Brian Swimme says the universe is a green dragon.
It means the universe is full of unexpected joys waiting to be discovered.
When you have eyes to see.
Truly, there are dragons everywhere.

And, it seems to me, early spring is rife with dragons.
Even though you expect to see little spring flowers decorating a stump
Because they were planted to be there
It’s still a spectacular joy.
After the winter coat.

Now Look closely.
Some blue flowers drifted

And here they are peeking out.

There be a dragon.
Unexpected joys.