The Reverend Elizabeth Bowyer
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    This month when we gathered for conversation and refreshments, our theme was :  THANKSGIVING SEASON IS HERE!

Snippets of readings taken from “The Secret of Saying Thanks” author, Douglas Wood; illustrator: Greg Shed; publisher: Simon and Shuster Books for Young Readers, New York, 2005

Question for small group discussion:  What are you most thankful for about church?

 Using the letters below, try to say in one word what Thanksgiving means for you:


T: Tea Time Talk! Turkey

H: Healing Touch! Hymns and hers; history, humour, hope, healthy, harmony

A: Awesome! Activism; art; abundance, autumn

N: Neighbourly! Nativity; nuts

K: Knox! kinship; kitchen; kids; kindness; kindergarten; knowledge

S: Social Justice! Singing

G: God! Gorgeous; gratitude; generosity

I: Icing! immortal; invisible; inspiration; individuals

V: Vision! Vigour; voices; verve; Vivian!

I: instinct; insight

N:  Noble Works! Nuts; joyful noise; nursing; nourishment

G: Gladness; giving; grace; grounding