The Reverend Elizabeth Bowyer
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Lord, let the peace of this place surround us.

Let the hurry and the worry

Of our everyday lives fall away.

You are here with us now.

You are our still point.

We are where we are supposed to be.

For in this place, on this day,

We are at the centre of our beginnings.

Still us and draw us towards your silence.

Companion us in the shadowed wood.

Travel in our valleys,

Be the marrow of our substance.

Divine weaver, you who gather the broken fibres of our being,

make us whole again.

Embrace us, God, encircle us with your love.

Splash summertime epiphanies on our paths.

Music maker God, sing through the forests,

splash in our waters, and dance in our fields.

Lord, you are always here.  We are here.

Grace us with new beginnings.



 Photo sent by Liz from the UK - iconic postcard

Gail Corbett, Mark Street United Church, Peterborough, Ont. -taken from GATHERING MAGAZINE, RESOURCES FOR WORSHIP PLANNERS, PENTECOST, 1 Year C, 2016 p. 69