Rev Dr Richard Chung
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"Who do You SayThat Jesus Is?"

Based on Mark 8:27-38


Jesus asks his disciples “who do people say that I am?”

The disciples said, "you are a gret teacher and a prophet."  And Jesus askes them again, “who do you say that I am?”

Peter answers, “you are the Messiah!” Then, Jesus explains that the Messiah must suffer and die. Peter tried to silence Jesus - but Jesus rebuked him.

When we say Jesus is Lord, it is both our faith statement and our lifestyle. Following Jesus as his disciples means to risk ourselves - to offer ourselves in the service of God for the world. We follow Jesus as his disciples, as we carry our own cross.


Recorded September 16, 2018

at the 10 am Worship Service

of Knox United Church Vancouver

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Chung