Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Wellness Habits: A Road to Personal Wholeness -  Part 2 of 5  

Hebrew Text: Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28, Greek Text: Luke 15:1-10

Sermon Title: Wellness Habit #2 “Admit That You’re Lost”


Let’s admit it!  We are all lost and in need of being found. We are all broken and in need of healing. We have all gone astray from the Source of wellbeing and find ourselves in deep hole.
This state of being lost is a perennial condition we all share as human beings; inherited from our ancestors and we voluntarily participate over and over again (Bible describes this state of being lost, sin, which means missing the mark). We find this pattern of human pathology seen throughout in the history of ancient Israel people, as it is seen in our own life stories.
We are all lost and in need of being found. No one is excluded from this awful human predicament. A road to home begins by voluntarily admitting that we are lost and in need of help. It’s the first and the biggest step we can take towards our personal wellbeing and wholeness. And we need to take this step over and over again, because we often get lost over and over again throughout our lives. So, let’s admit --- “Help! – I’m lost,” I need somebody!”

Recorded September 15, 2019
at the 10 am Worship Service
of Knox United Church Vancouver
Preacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Chung