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On May 28th- May 31st, 2015 The United Church of Canada – BC Conference held their Annual General Meeting.  Rev. Liz was in Whistler along with representatives from each of our provincial congregations. 350+ were in attendance including children as young as 6, teens, young adults all the way to retirees.   So Liz, how was it? – became a chorus in our hallways and on the phone -  Wow people were really interested in what went on. 

  • It was Powerful & Energizing.
  • Worship and business were integrated – not separated as is usually done.
  • There was so much engagement.  People didn’t disappear or go off and wander – now that is an indicator if ever there was one!
  • The preparation was really well done but the execution was what was surprising in that people were very open (than expected) to chew on the hard stuff about what’s needed for revival and renewal as opposed to death by decline
  • The music was cutting edge and invigorating.
  • There were different generations present blending together through music and flash mob dancing (thanks to Karen Medland, President)
  • Conversations were serious (focused, intentional, honest, and humourous!) – can we get to where we need to be?  Is this the decline of our denomination?  Being Christian and preparing sermons on Saturday is culturally weird!
  • It was community building, encompassing of the urban/rural split.  Though there was a strong sense of who we are, there was also a sense of longing for newness.
  • It was intentional with becoming modern and focused.
  • It was leadership changing from traditional to a team driven mentality
  • It was a radically changing culture envisioned.

The theme was Leading from the Heart and that is exactly what happened.

The best way to share the Conference with you is to invite you to view the videos – they are long but truly capture what took place. 

Here is a link to a series of Videos of the BC Conference Event. It says livestream but it is NOT actually a livestream.  The loading process is on the slower side as many of the videos are several hours.  Remember you have fast forward control so can sing along with the hymns and move through the announcements!

Rev Liz suggests you go onto:

Thursday at the 50:18 minute mark to about 1 hour 20 min mark to see Christine, Simon & Marion talking about leading from the heart.

Friday morning at 1 hour mark where Marion, Christine and Bruce continue the discussion.

 ****Use the Message Us feature in the top bar of this website to let us know what other parts you enjoy, so we can share with all.