Our first reading this morning is from the book of Job 42:1-6 and 10–17.

Over the past few Sundays we have continued to study Job, a wealthy landowner who was “blameless and upright” “who feared God and turned away from evil”. Suddenly without warning his faithfulness was tested because of a wager between God and Satan. Job lost everything important to him but remained faithful to God during a time of great suffering. His wife told him to curse God and die. His friends blamed Job's sufferings on his personal sins and gave him bad advice.

The heart of Job's complaint was that God felt distant, absent, so far removed as to be unknowable. He had a longing for a sense of God's presence, for God's attention. He sought God for answers. Job did not reject God but challenged him.

Finally, God spoke to Job out of a whirlwind and brought him to understand that believers didn't always know what God was doing in their lives.
God humbled Job by asking questions that could be answered only by God.

Now we come to the scripture readings for today. Listen carefully to the epilogue which sums up this story and how God restored Job's fortunes.

Our second reading is from the gospel of Mark 10:46-52.

Jesus was leaving Jericho on his way to Jerusalem. As usual there was a crowd accompanying him. Bartimaeus, who was blind, called out to Jesus to have mercy on him. Bartimaeus had faith the Jesus would rescue him from his need. When he was ordered by the crowd to be quiet, he called out even louder. He was persistent. As a beggar he knew how to get attention.
Bartimaeus also called Jesus “Son of David” which recognized Jesus' messianic kingship. This information would be used against him in Jerusalem.

To make the crowd part of the healing, Jesus told them to call Bartimaeus to him.
Jesus who would have known that Bartimaeus was blind, asked him “What do you want me to do for you?”
A question for us to ponder while we hear this gospel reading.