The Reverend Elizabeth Bowyer

Introduction to the readings for the third Sunday in the season of Lent, March 8, 2015

In our first reading for today from the book of Exodus, we hear God’s introduction of the 10 commandments, given to Moses and Aaron at Mt. Sinai.   

Listen with care to these familiar words, offered so long ago for our faith ancestors struggling with what it means to live in right relationship with a gracious and abiding God.   Ask yourself:  What new understandings might we glean from the reading for our personal lives and our life as a church?

Our reading comes to us this morning from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 20, verses 13-22: “The Ten Commandments”

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Our responsive psalm this morning consists of two parts, one celebrating and painting vivid images of God’s creative power in nature, and the other the giving of God’s gift of law to the people. 

We turn together to Psalm 19 is found at Voices United, pages 740-741: “The heavens declare the glory of God” and begin with Refrain #1

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For the last two Sundays of the season of Lent, our gospel readings have come to us through the lens of the gospel according to Mark. 

This morning our reading comes instead from the second chapter of the book of John. 

Listen carefully for how Jesus’ actions of overturning the moneychangers’ table and his words speak truth to power. 

Here, Jesus reveals himself as the One sent by God to proclaim the new covenant, the cost of which will be his own life.

A reading from the gospel of John, Chapter 2, verses 13-22 “Jesus clears the Temple”

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Reader: Through these words from long ago

All:  May we hear God’s living word.