The Reverend Elizabeth Bowyer

Introduction to the readings- the third Sunday in the season of Easter

All during the season of Easter, our scripture readings bring us glimpses of how life was for the next couple of generations who followed on after Jesus had walked the earth. 

Just as they brought their whole selves to the project of being the church, we, too, are invited to reflect on how the risen Christ informs and empowers us as a community of believers for the purpose of being the church in our own times of challenge. 

Listen for what captures your heart and your imagination in this morning’s stories about a small band of believers determined to turn the world upside down embodying Margaret Mead’s idea that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can make a difference.

A reading from the book of Acts, Chapter 3, verses 12-19 “Peter explains the power of Jesus after healing a crippled man”

….insert the reading here…

 Our responsive Psalm and refrain is found in VU at #727. 

As we read through the Psalm responsively, note how the ebb and flow and the words of this prayer ultimately reach a peaceful conclusion. 

Let us begin with the refrain.

This morning, our gospel reading offers a slightly different accounting of Jesus’ first appearances to his beloved disciples, this time coming to us through the lens of the author of Luke’s gospel. 

Unlike those first encounter stories from John’s gospel read during the first two Sundays of Easter, this morning, we learn how Jesus invites his listeners into a new understanding of their foundational texts from Hebrew Scripture.  

See where your imagination takes you as we hear again this encounter between those first faithful followers who, even in the midst of trauma and danger, are taken on yet “another steep spiritual learning curve” (quote attributed to Martyn Atkins, The Lectionary Commentary: The Gospel)

A reading from the gospel according to Luke, Chapter 24, verses 36b-48 “Jesus appears and promises: “Peace be with you”

…insert reading here…

Reader: Here ends the reading.

Halle’s Sung Response:  VU958