Rev. Sharon  Copeman
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Holy God, we come to you with thankful hearts. In the turning of the seasons you show us your will for the renewal of all life, and we glimpse resurrection. Relationships challenged, and in time, restored, give us hope that new life is even possible for we humans, with our strong wills and anxious hearts. Through Jesus’ story we have seen a way of living that is both challenging and tender, and we hear your holy invitation to be more whole, more well, more at peace. We thank you for your love and your care, your renewal of our spirits.

Strengthened and encouraged by your love, we dare to look around us, and beyond our boundaries, and glimpse our world with the pain you must see already. We know you do not need our reminders, but we need them, so we name before you places and people living in the midst of fear and war… in nations, and communities, and families. Holy God, help us to risk change… give us the courage to heal how we understand ourselves and all our relationships both locally and globally. Especially, O God, wrap your love around the ones - families and communities - touched by tragedy.

Tender God, we pray for those within and beyond our community who are ill - in body, mind or spirit - for those who struggle with addictions. We pray for those living on the edge of security, relying on eroded systems for survival. We pray for the compassion of community, for eyes and ears and hearts open to renewal and a new way of living together.

Holy God, we pray that your love penetrates the blankets and doors and closets of fear that we clutch so tightly in the mistaken hope that if we close our eyes and shut the doors, what we most fear will not come to us. Help us to trust your love so much we learn to live in the way of Jesus.

In the silence, now, we bring our own personal and particular prayers…

We pray in the name of Christ, and continue in prayer as we say together the prayer of Christians in every generation…