Rev. Sharon  Copeman
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Gracious and loving God, we come now with our prayers for our church and world.  We are so thankful for your wide and open love with which we are held… in the warmth of sun, the cooling gentle breezes, the air that fills our lungs and energizes our bodies, the smiles and touch of friends that heal our spirits.  We are thankful for the hope you plant within us, hope for new relationships, healing, growth in wisdom, and shared power, that your blessing might be shared in ever wider circles of caring mutuality and generosity.  We’re thankful for the gift of music, and the opportunities we find to share this gift together. 

Holy God, there are so many cares and needs that we might name as we come with our prayers for our world.  We think of those whose lives have been uprooted by the fires of this summer.  We think of the need for rain in our regions, and the need for heat, and less rain in other places.  We think of farmers, and food, and too little and more than enough… we think of our universal imbalance of over-abundance and deprivation… we think of your call for shared power and hearts and hands ready to serve in our time and place.

Holy Source of all life and all love, we offer ourselves to you now.  Open our eyes, our ears and our hearts, to respond to your invitation to serve.  Be with those preparing to gather in Newfoundland to consider our church’s way into new life.  Be with Liz and her family as they celebrate love and new relationships.  Be with all who are embarking on new adventures.  Be with us, each one gathered here this morning.  You know the longings of our hearts, our niggling doubts, the joys and delights the fill our days.  May each one recognize the light of your love and care and live more deeply into your compassionate presence in our lives.

We pray in the name of Christ and say together the words of Christians in every generation… Our Father…