The Reverend Elizabeth Bowyer
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Written by Ted Loder

GUERRILLAS OF GRACE Prayers for the Battle


Prayers for Healing

O God, it is hard for me to let go,

     most times,

and the squeeze I exert

     garbles me and gnarls others. 

So, loosen my grip a bit

     on the good times,

            on the moments of sunlight and star shine and joy,

that the thousand graces they scatter as they pass

     may nurture growth in me

            rather than turn to brittle memories.

Loosen my grip

     on those grudges and grievances

            I hold so closely,

that I may risk exposing myself

     to the spirit of forgiving and forgiveness

            that changes things and resurrects dreams and courage.

Loosen my grip

     on my fears

that I may be released a little into humility

     and into an acceptance of my humanity.

 Loosen my grip

     on myself

that I may experience the freedom of a fool

     who knows that to believe

            is to see kingdoms, find power, sense glory;

     to reach out

            is to know myself held;

     to laugh at myself

            is to be in on the joke of your grace;

     to attend to each moment

            is to hear the faint melody of eternity;

     to dare love

            is to smell the wild flowers of heaven.

Loosen my grip

     on my ways and my words,

            on my fears and fretfulness

that letting go

     into the depths of silence

            and my own uncharted longings,

I may find myself held by you

     and linked anew to all life

            in this wild and wondrous world

                 you love so much,

So I may take to

     heart that you have taken me to heart.