Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Wellness Habits: A Road to Personal Wholeness -  Part 5 of 5  

Hebrew Text: : Lamentation 3:19-26, Greek Text: Luke 17:5-10

Sermon Title: Wellness Habit #5 “Learn to Wait in Silence”


We all have a spark of holiness; a seed of goodness in us. It’s just a spark, not an ember or a blaze nor a great ball of fire. It’s a seed, indeed, a smallest seed, however, with an endless potential.

The universe began with just a small spark of energy with unlimited power. With a bang, it expanded and became an endless universe; with a simple speech, “let there be light”, the life filled the earth.

Don’t waver. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. Faith means waiting. Faith will grow if we learn how to wait; waiting in silence, waiting through suffering, and waiting with hope.

Wait in silence, for the mustard seed will eventually grow to be a largest tree in the forest. For those who know how to wait in holy anticipation, they will be rewarded with the Divine wholeness. Life is faithful to those who are faithful to Life. So, let’s “learn to wait in silence!”

Recorded October 6, 2019
at the 10 am Worship Service
of Knox United Church Vancouver
Preacher: Rev. Dr. Richard Chung