Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Worship Series: “5 Characters We Meet in Heaven”  -  Part 4 of 5  

Text: Isaiah 65:17-25

Sermon Title:  “ The Wolf and the Lamb”


            The wolves must hunt and kill to survive. The lambs will be hunted and be killed by wolves. But the lambs will not be wiped away. The wolves will only hunt enough to survive. So, there will always be a few lambs who will survive to give birth to the next generations.

So, the cycle continues. That is the way of nature and how the wolves and the lambs, the predators and the prey work in nature. There is no right or wrong in this struggle in the wild kingdom.

Often, in our struggle to advance, we have seen our human kingdom degenerated into this savage cycle of hunter and hunted, the struggle between the predators and the prey, the bullies and the victims. Unlike the animal kingdom, however, the human kingdom will not sustain or succeed for too long in this relationship.

We are called to reimagine our future world and the advancement of human spices into one of Shalom (Isaiah 65:17-25), and to live out that imagination here and now, where the wolves and the lambs of our world would play together as playmates, not as predators and prey. 

Recorded November 17, 2019
at the 10 am Worship Service
of Knox United Church Vancouver