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Isaiah 6:1–8 

The call of Isaiah.

Psalm 29

God’s voice is over the waters.


What does it mean to be called by God? Which comes first, answering God’s call, or having what we need for the call?


Look at the vast variety of communication tools we use today. Technology changes, but the same end is accomplished; that is, we communicate. In the same way, God calls us in many different ways and uses the tools of our times to accomplish the task. The message remains the same: follow me and I will show you the way.


How do we know that it is God calling? It is always good and loving.

Living in a corrupt and self-indulgent time and place, Isaiah has become part of his society. Then he hears the call of God and realizes how much he has become a part of this debauchery. This moment or time of decision is a turning point for him, his time of call to faithful service.


God forgives him and sets him on a new path. His is one of many “call” stories, both past and present.


Once we hear the call and answer it, God will then equip us with what is needed for the task and the life ahead.