Rev Dr Richard Chung
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Put New Wine in New Wine Skins

Text: Mark 2:18-22 

Synopsis: Jesus said, “put new wine into fresh wineskins,” as a response to a complaint by some religious leaders against his disciples for not fasting like they did. And he continues to admonish them that when he (the bridegroom) is here, you should feast, not fast.

Jesus ushered in a new era with new spirit. The coming of new spirit requires a whole new and fresh approach to old traditions and teachings - with flexibility, compassion and grace – fresh wineskins. It was this that the Pharisees lacked.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, in a new age, we are called to change from inside and out – change in how we see, perceive, live and minister as we continue to hold our past here and now.   


Recorded March 8, 2020
at the 10 am Worship Service
of Knox United Church Vancouver