Rev Dr Richard Chung
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"Do You Believe Me Now?"

Text: John 11:1-45 


Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. This miraculous event baffled many of those who were there to witness it and many of us who are grappling with the story.

So, we tend to dismiss the story as a metaphor. For us, dead is dead – it’s clear and done. But for Jesus and for God, everything in life, even life, and death are within God’s hands. This means there is always hope, always life, always a seed of life buried underneath and waiting to burst out anytime.

In the Kingdom of God, not everything is what it appears on the outside, even death. The disciples and the rest of people viewed everything from the human perspective, limited by time and space – everything is what it appears on the outside. But for Jesus, there is life abound even in the valley of death.


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